There’s confidence in clarity.
— Rachael Shayne @ Women In Tech Forum

Inspiration often comes from unlikely places.
— Jeff Donaldson TEDxCU

Boulder Startup Week talk @ SheSays Boulder. Rachael Shayne (previously CEO of Cubspot), shares her thoughts on Grit & Grace and how to survive and thrive in your startup. 

Do you know what clients and co-workers are looking for from a presentation in today's hyper-connected environment? Hint: it's not PowerPoint - it's being inspired. Hear from Rachael Shayne Donaldson, VP of People.Culture.Brand., as she explains how to create killer content and win more business.

CoInvent Pulse Festival 2015 - New York Title: Bootstrapping Diversity Date: Nov.2015

On-site at client location

On-site at client location