Frequently Asked Questions


How accurate are the estimates?

Leaning on our experience and close relationships with our freelancers allows us to plan and negotiate well meaning that your estimates are typically +/- 10% accurate based on our conversations with you.

how do you bill me?

We use whatever method is most convenient for you! Invoices with credit card, ACH, or paper checks. We have an online payment system and map out the invoices based on your estimate and the duration of the project and invoices are typically net 30.

can you help us make videos?

Yes! We have deep experience in this area and incredible talent to help bring ideas to life in video format — including drone pilots, CG and GFX teams.

what about influencers?

We know them, work with them, and have engineered programs to reach them for better content output. In fact, our Founder, Rachael, has been a keynote speaker in Los Angeles and New York about “What Influencers Really Want.”

what if i don’t like the work we did?

The work doesn’t stop until we “meet the brief” — which means strategic and tactical delivery based on your brand, consumer mindset, marketplace trends and a detailed approval process. We will figure out a way to deliver what you need.

can i do more with focusedbrands later?

We are on-demand, meaning that we’re here when you need us and once we fall in love with your brand and team, it makes the work even more fun for the second, third, and fourth projects.

can you fill in for someone’s maternity leave or for a seasonal reason?

Yes, we have provided fractional and fill-in people and teams for a variety of reasons to help our clients — M&A, maternity, product launch, managing through a sudden departure, and more. We’re here for you.

how quickly can you get started?

We can scope and kick-off in 48 hours flat.

do i pay for everything at once?

Not usually — we provide a billing schedule so you can manage your finances and there are no surprises. We typically charge a kick-off fee, something mid-way, and the rest upon completion. If it is a longer-term project, we typically amortize across the timeline.

what do i pay for?

Only the work being done. No overhead. No fluff. No extra fancy coffee and buildings with cool art. The work. You pay for the person or people that are doing the work for you and thinking about your business. No BS.