There’s confidence in clarity.
— Rachael Shayne @ Women In Tech Forum 2015
Culture is a business essential. It is your brand. They are inextricable.

Culture is a business essential. It is your brand. They are inextricable.

Led by the power duo Rachael Shayne and Jeff Donaldson, a swarm-team (fast-acting, wicked-smart freelancers) is put together, briefed, and ready to deliver for you no matter how big or small the project.

You have one point of contact, simple estimates and billing, so we can all focus on what matters.

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  • Design

  • Logos

  • Websites

  • Social Media Management

  • Events

  • Fractional CMO

  • Marketing Plans

  • Brand Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Influencer Marketing Strategy

  • Culture Strategy

  • Reputation Management (e.g., Glassdoor, Community Engagement)

  • Corporate Vision & Values

  • Corporate Manifesto

  • Presentation Training

  • Public Speaking


Rachael's Tradecraft:
Connecting & Presenting

Boulder Startup Week talk @ SheSays Boulder. Rachael Shayne (previously CEO of Cubspot), shares her thoughts on Grit & Grace and how to survive and thrive in your startup. 

Do you know what clients and co-workers are looking for from a presentation in today's hyper-connected environment? Hint: it's not PowerPoint - it's being inspired. Hear from Rachael Shayne Donaldson, VP of People.Culture.Brand., as she explains how to create killer content and win more business.

CoInvent Pulse Festival 2015 - New York Title: Bootstrapping Diversity Date: Nov.2015

On-site at client location

On-site at client location